Fanmade Justice League Movie Trailer Is Not Too Shabby

Justice League Comic Book

I mean, given what he had to work with, I think the kid did pretty alright. I’m guessing it’s a kid. I can’t see an adult man sitting around stitching all these footage from all these different sources together. I mean, you know, life, girlfriends, and a job and all that might get in the way of the creative juices and such. Anyways, check it out, check it outers.

Here’s what SouperboyX, the fella who put the trailer together, has to say about it:

So here we basically have a “Suicide Squad/VRA/Brainiac Invasion” type thing going on here. Probably what would be the three main acts of a film about this trailer. Since everything has to be pretty big. I can’t really show you guys how I would mesh together those storylines in a two and a half minute trailer, but you guys can leave that to your imagination I suppose! But in all seriousness I have invested a lot of time into this and I hope you guys like it. It’s pretty fast-paced, so maybe watch it a second time in-case you miss anything, but overall I’d say it comes together nicely. But that’s just me…

I think he did a pretty nice job myself. Let’s see Warner Bros. do better. (Or hell, let’s see Warner Bros. finally get their you-know-what together and get the “Justice League” movie actually done. Given their history with the project, I wouldn’t be so sure it’s a sure thing, despite the gargantuan success of the similarly-themed “The Avengers”.)

Via : Blastr