Fantastic Four 2 Rated PG, Internet Fanboys Riot

So the big, big news around the Internet Fanboy Watercooler (or IFW as I like to call it — well, not really) is that the “Fantastic Four” sequel, “Rise of the Silver Surfer” has been given a PG rating, news that has since been confirmed by the studio. This has gotten all manner of people riled up, and people are predicting doom. (No, not Doctor Doom.) After all, the original was a PG-13 film, and it had barely any violence of redeeming value (“redeeming” in the sense that it wasn’t “harsh, gritty, badass violence”, of course), so how much death and destruction and end of the world stuff can the Silver Surfer possibly do to the Earth when he can’t even, well, kill anyone? I’m pretty sure a PG rating means you can’t kill anyone onscreen. At least, not in a cool way.

Also, I’m almost certain that a favorite line of mine from the trailer (basically, the only favorite line of mine from the trailers so far), is when Jessica Alba’s Sue Storm says to Reed Richards, “I am so turned on right now”, is probably gone from the movie. Are they seriously going to keep that kind of sex talk in a PG rated movie?

So what does this mean?

Basically that the sequel has failed to generate any positive goodwill among the fanboy community. First there was that whole business about Galactus being a cloud, then making Laurence Fishburne the voice of the Silver Surfer (total miscasting from 100 miles away), and now the whole PG debacle.

This, of course, means more business for “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver” come opening day, because parents will take a look at the rating, see the “PG”, and take their kids to it. The comic book fanboys, on the other hand, won’t be happy.

Then again, when was the last time the studios ever did anything to please the core fanbase…?

Fantastic Four 2 Rated PG, Internet Fanboys Riot