Fast and Furious 4 Better than the First One? First Review is in.

I know a lot of you are anticipating Justin Lin’s latest “Fast and Furious” movie with bated breath. You wanna see this thing, and you wanna see it bad. Well tough cookies, you’ll just have to wait until April 3 like the rest of us. In the meantime, AICN has an advance review from one of their scoopers. According to the reviewer, “Fast & Furious” (note the ampersand and lack of a “4”, natch) might just be better than the first movie.

You can read the rest of the review here. Some highlights below:

There are quite a few things to like about this movie. For one, this is probably the darkest and most personal entry in the franchise. For about 80% of the film, everything feels grittier and a little more hardcore. The sense of tension is deeper than anything we’ve generally seen in a Fast/Furious film.

Also, some of the unforeseen twists (I say unforeseen because you wouldn’t expect them from a Fast and the Furious movie, but they aren’t entirely unpredictable in general), are pretty interesting: particularly
a connection between Letty and Brian, and the overall revelation of Braga’s character. These aren’t deep twists, but they are somewhat engaging, and up the stakes of the overall storyline.

The action sequences are fairly exciting as well. Even though you pretty much only get one overall race, it’s a good one, and the fights are pretty bone-crunching badass (I personally liked the Vin Diesel vs Paul Walker
sequence). BTW, Diesel is in top form for this, even if he’s playing the typical tortured, hard-assed, “insert something monosyllabic and tough” dialog-fueled archetype that we’re used to from him. I mean it’s not The
Pacifier at least. You definitely feel for his character, and Diesel’s very comfortable returning to it, making him more tortured, but staying true to who he established the character as in 2001.

So there you have it. The reviewer gives it a B. He liked it, almost better than the first one, but definitely better than the last two. I kinda thought the ridiculously far-fetched nature of the second one was fun myself, but hey, what do I know about cars.

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