Fast and Furious 5 in Development

Well this seems like a no-brainer. Even if the upcoming “Fast & Furious” (aka “Fast and Furious 4”) doesn’t do major bank (which seems highly unlikely), a fifth “Fast and Furious” movie should probably be vrooming its way into theaters in a few short years. While doing press junket for the movie, stars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel said as much.

Via, Walker had this to say when asked about a possible fifth movie in the franchise:

“I’ve heard it in the rumor mill. I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point and they’re pretty serious about it. They’re developing it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”

Diesel pretty much says the same thing.

Anyways, it looks likely that “Fast & Furious” should open big. After all, even the third one, minus the original stars, did major business, so there’s absolutely no reason why the fourth one shouldn’t do even better.

Get ready for “Fast and Furious 5”, guys. I just hope they don’t go out of their way to give it a silly name like, oh I don’t know, “Fast & Furious” or some such. What’s so wrong about “Fast and Furious 5: Cause you Wanted More, so Here’s More”?

Below: “Hang on, or you won’t be in the fifth movie!”