Fast and Furious 7 Will Probably be Delayed After Paul Walker’s Death


Paul Walker in Fast Five (2011) Movie ImageI think it’s a given that “Fast and Furious 7″ isn’t going to be able to proceed “as scheduled” after the death of Paul Walker yesterday afternoon. The actor was killed in a single-car accident involving a Porsche being driven by his business partner in California. At the time, he was on hiatus from shooting “Fast and Furious 7″, which was being fast-tracked by Universal in order to meet a July 11, 2014 release date.

Obviously Walker’s death has nothing to do with the release date, but it’s likely going to impact it. The film has been in production for some time under director James Wan, but depending on how much of Walker’s scenes were already shot, I don’t see how they can continue with the current script without making revisions to account for his absence. Walker’s Brian O’Conner was a major character in the series alongside Vin Diesel, so it’s not like they could just send the character overseas or have him “show up” on the phone.

Director James Wan and Universal executives are said to have gotten together earlier this Sunday to “discuss the state of the film, [and] whether rewrites would be necessary and how to proceed in a manner that would be respectful to Walker’s death.”

Universal is unwilling to say if they’re going to reschedule the movie, but I honestly don’t see how they can avoid it. Rewrites will be necessary. Depending on how much, it could mean anywhere from a week to a month or two of extra production time.

The original plot of “Fast and Furious 7″ had the team, since pardoned for their crimes, returning to their home base of Los Angeles, where they are pulled back into the crime scene when one of their crew is murdered by Jason Statham’s villain character (as seen at the end of “Fast and Furious 6″). Given that premise, I wonder if they might not end up adding Brian O’Conner to the list of casualties?

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  • whynot

    I think it would make more sense to have his character stay behind with his wife and child. You know, keeping them out of harms way. Seems like an honorable bow out for the character.

    • Dedpool

      That would be nice. it would take a complete re-write to write him out of the script entirely though, and that would mean scrapping the stuff he already filmed. THAT may not sit well with people.

      • energetic_amigo

        Agreed. Hmmm… I’m interested to see how they work this out…