Fast and Furious Director Zooms his Way Over to Highlander Remake


Joy, joy, the “Highlander” reboot has landed itself a director at last! Because, obviously, you’ve all been waiting with bated breath, right? Or not. In any case, regardless of your opinions about the upcoming “Highlander” reboot, they’re gonna do it anyway, so why bother fighting it. Variety reports that Summit Entertainment has tapped director Justin Lin to helm the remake.

Lin, of course, was the director on the last two “Fast and Furious” movies, so it’s a pretty safe choice from a business standpoint, if not from a creative one. Lin is a competent director, but he’s not going to blow anyone’s mind, which may be the point in hiring him. While Lin will settle in behind the camera, Summit has assigned Neal Moritz producing duties, and former “Iron Man” screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway have written the script.

So yes, it appears Summit will be working off Marcum and Holloway’s script that we previously reported on. I don’t find that notion very comforting, as their version of the script diverts rather gratuitously from the original, but Summit didn’t ask for my opinion, so there you have it.

There can be only one! Or two. Or a dozen…

Remember, kid, there can be only one. Unless Hollywood decides to reboot it. Ahem.

Remember, kid, there can be only one. Unless Hollywood decides to reboot it. Ahem.

Author: Nix

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  • Truth

    Grrr, plz get someone else to report on this movie, this writer's constant negativity is getting really annoying with each article, He always begins them the same way, get someone more optimistic please.

    When people want to hear news about a movie, especially a remake of one of their beloved titled, they don't want to deal with your opinions or negativity. We want NEWS, not your same thoughts repeated over and over.

  • andy ssssssssssssss

    the first highlander was the best…..but i must say i did like the second one to……the others were a waste of time and they should not have made a series……sorry folks but thats how i feel…….i do hope there will be new content in the new version and i hope the baddie is as good as the original one in Highlander 1….for get the other baddies……they were to soft………from another highlander fan……2 was enough thanks.

  • Mopardoug

    The series was the best enough said.

    • Dedpool

      Agreed. I always felt that the series far exceeded the films. In much the same way that the “Buffy” and “Beastmaster” series were improvements on the films.

  • Chelle

    Sam Worthington would make a great new MacLeod.