Fast and the Furious 4 Plot Details

So it’s official. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are definitely returning to the franchise that made them superstars in “The Fast and the Furious 4”, and the guys over at Movie Hole has some details about the upcoming movie. The setting this time around is Mexico, where Dom (Diesel’s character from the original) is still racing for the bad guys, and where Brian (Walker’s character, from the original and the first sequel) tracks him down. The entire scenario seems to be a reworking of the original plot, with the racers providing cover for the bad guy’s illegal activities, and undercover cop Brian trying to figure it out, etc. One expects a lot of cool cars, racing, and hot girls to get involved, as is the raison d’etre of the franchise.

More about that part 4 plot (such as it is):

This time, he’s in Mexico, where he’s racing ‘for’ a guy named Braga. From the sounds of it, Brian (Paul Walker) has chased him down there, and may have even set up this ‘Braga’ deal (possibly as part of a deal for Dom – ‘you help us catch this guy, you get a leaner sentence’); not that Dom’s going to play nicely, naturally.

Dom’s still as cheeky as ever… and as charming (About half-way through the script, Dom’s getting ready for a big race – Brian on the side – and has to give a thumb-print on a scanning pad before getting into the car. One of the female organizers, a hottie named Gisele, even asks for his number before he starts up the engine. So lots of ‘Vin is soooo charming’ gags in here.)

Other new characters, besides Gisele, in the film include a rogue named Fenix (who Dom doesn’t seem to fond of) and a smart-ass named Dwight, who taunts Brian a bit.

The Moviehole dude seems to like it, but, um, it sounds pretty rank to me. Then again, who needs a good story when you’ve got hot girls, hot cars, and cool races?

Fast and the Furious 4 Plot Details