Fast & Furious Widget is Fast, Furious, and Widget-y

It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s a widget. That means if you have your own website or blog, you can slap this baby on to promote the movie’s upcoming April 4th release. Or download the widget straight to your desktop to get the latest news when the official site updates. I hear all the kids are doing it nowadays. Don’t be left out. You don’t want to be different, do you? Well, do you?

The widget is a cool way for fans to get news and exclusive content first!

Download the FAST & FURIOUS widget right to your desktop or click “Grab & Share” to post it on your social network profile. The application allows you to receive exclusive content and breaking news related to the film, watch trailers and video clips, download wallpapers, and map directions from the built in GPS map. You can also upload your own ride and pin-point it on the map, and connect with other fans real-time.

***NEW*** Beginning on Tuesday, March 24th leading up until the April 3rd release of the film, widget users will get daily “Fast & Furious” trivia questions via the Newsfeed. Five people who email the correct answer to the daily trivia question will be randomly selected each day and win cool Fast & Furious prizes!

Head on over to the “Fast & Furious” website to grab your copy of the widget now.