Fatal Conflict (2000) Movie Review

In “Fatal Conflict”, Kari Wuhrer (“Eight Legged Freaks”) plays a woman who is sent to stop a runaway prison ship that has been taken over by a vengeful psycho. The screenplay by Chris Hyde offers up the most ludicrous, convoluted, and logic defying mess that I have had the displeasure of witnessing in a long, long time.

The only people who should ever watch “Fatal Conflict” are those who wishes to know what it feels like to actually feel their I.Q. slowly dropping with each passing minute of screentime.

But for the bad b-movie lovers among us, “Fatal Conflict” is the finest example of why we exist in the first place. It is so bad, so incredibly insipid, and so completely beyond the realm of reason and logic, that one has to marvel at the giant set of brass balls writer Chris Hyde and director Lloyd A. Simandl must possess in order for them to actually take credit for this sludge.

The film actually bears a striking resemblance to the superior (at least in comparison) “Lethal Target”. Both films were written and directed by the same men. They even re-used the same sets, nearly identical storyline, and the same stock footages.

Plus, they even re-used the Max character played by David Fisher. I guess they thought the character was really great. Or something.

Lloyd A. Simandl (director)
CAST: Kari Wuhrer …. Sasha Burns

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