Favreau Denies he’s Directing Avengers. Sorry, Fanboys.

According to Jon Favreau himself, director of “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2”, there’s no truth to the rumor that he’s in line to direct “The Avengers” movie, which is expected out sometime in 2012 after all the superheros have had their moments in the sun via their own solo flicks. Besides the fact that he’s busy, and Iron Man is his guy, Favreau isn’t sure he can even direct a team superhero movie given his affinity for ol Shellhead.

He tells MTV:

“We want to reinforce a lot of the stuff we started to tip off. ‘The Avengers’ is a much larger concern for Marvel and Kevin Feige, who runs Marvel. They’re going to be doing ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America,’ and the way we might start to tease those things in this movie, some of it is stuff that we’ve discussed [and] some of the stuff you do last-minute as you figure out how that stuff is coming together. It’s an evolving, amorphous thing,” he explained. “If we decide and commit too early, the secret always gets out.”

Now I don’t know what “amorphous” mean, and I simply don’t have the time to find out (I’m busy with, you know, stuff), but it sounds like Favreau has made up his mind that he won’t be directing “The Avengers”, even though he’ll probably show up as a producer, and thus have some input into how the movie eventually comes together.

And oh yeah, also according to Favreau, there is no truth to the rumor that Edward Norton will be reprising his Bruce Banner/Hulk character in “Iron Man 2”, so scratch that.

Jon Favreau -- assembled! Or not.

Jon Favreau -- assembled! Or not.