Feast 2 and 3 Are Coming!!!!

I loved the first “Feast”. Sure, most mainstream film critics didn’t care for it, and I think someone I read (somewhere, sometime, I don’t remember) even gave it zero stars. Bah humbug! As a fan of the horror genre, I loved every second of it. Now here’s word that my prayers are being answered, and not one, but two sequels are on their way. True to form, the sequels will be churned out in the back-to-back variety, meaning they’ll probably be one movie chopped up into two. Hey, that’s okay. I just want to see more of this stuff!

The original was basically a tongue-in-cheek post-modern take on the Creature Feature genre, complete with characters named “Hero” and his wife, and title cards telling you exactly when each other will die a most miserable, bloody death. It was great fun, and I had a blast with it.

Here’s what writer Marcus Dunstan told Fangoria:

“FEAST 2 and 3 are coming together, with [director John] Gulager back,” Dunstan tells Fango. “Neo Art & Logic is producing again, and if they let us get away with the vulgarities we’ve currently scripted, and if we don’t get deported, we just may have the NC-17-rated monsterfest that was only hinted at in the first film.”

As the kids would say, I am so stoked.

Feast 2 and 3

Feast 2 and 3