Feast Sequel: Feast 2, Sloppy Seconds Plot Details

Besides getting a groovy and appropriately icky title of “Sloppy Seconds”, the upcoming “Feast” sequel (which will be shot back-to-back with part 3, as, once again, the fashion nowadays with direct-to-DVD franchises) will apparently be bringing back the survivors of the first film, with the sequel taking place immediately after the events of the first. The guys over at Bloody-Disgusting reveals even more plot details, including how the action will now shift to a small town, where the surviving townspeople will have to band together (like in the first movie) to survive the onslaught of nasty creatures trying to munch on their bones because, as well all know, humans taste just like chicken.

More from BD:

It is the morning after, and we pick up with the survivors of FEAST’s terrifying night before. There are more monsters and they are even angrier/hungrier. The monsters have made it into the small neighboring town in the middle of nowhere and the surviving locals have to band together to figure out how to survive. Like that is even a real possibility. Will HONEY PIE pay for her desertion? Will TUFFY make it to HEROINE’s kid in time? Is that HARLEY MOM’s twin sister? So many questions, it will take another sequel to answer them all. But for now, we can only sit back and be terrorized.

The synopsis exclaims that the characters played by Jenny Wade, Krista Allen and Diane Goldner will all be returning, but have yet to confirm if they’re being recast or not. We suspect they’ll be back…

Spoilers follow about big revelation:

In addition, we’ve learned that CHUBBY will have a role in FEAST 2 and will become the lead in FEAST 3. The key here is that he is a chubby and loveable loser, who eventually gets his girl, but only when it is clear that he is the LAST man on Earth. We’re told he will be funny and they are seeking comedians for this role.

The last part is interesting. So the creatures will keep expanding until there’s a “last man on Earth”? Hmm…

Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds Plot Details