Feature Trailer for Marcus Warren’s Stylish Thriller The Heavy

Since I have a soft spot for British gangster flicks, Vinnie Jones, and Shannyn Sossamon, I was quite pleased to discover the latest trailer for writer/director Marcus Warren’s 2010 crime epic “The Heavy”, which comes courtesy of Film Shaft. The picture boasts one hell of a cast — Christopher Lee, Adrian Paul, Sadie Frost, and Stephen Rea are in attendance, just to name a few — and features former boxer turned actor Gary Stretch (“Dead Man’s Shoes”) as an assassin who is about to embark on the proverbial “last job”. The film will receive a limited theatrical release in the UK on April 16th. However, if you’re a resident of New Zealand, the picture is scheduled to hit DVD sometime next month. Is it coming to North America anytime soon? Don’t hold your breath. Instead, check out the embedded trailer. From what I understand, it’s less likely to give you brain damage.