Federico Zampaglione’s Tulpa Stabs Online with a Red Band Trailer

Claudia Gerini in Tulpa (2012) Movie Image

Our own James Mudge reviewed Federico Zampaglione’s sexy horror thriller “Tulpa” when it was playing the festival circuit last year, but for those of you who missed it, have no fear, it’s (probably) coming to a theater near you. That is, if your local theater is prone to showing Dario Argento-inspired giallo-inclined genre films. (You can read James’ review of the film here if you’re so inclined.) Jinga Films currently has the movie scheduled for a 2013 release date, and you can check out what they have in store for you by viewing the Red Band trailer for the film below.

Warning: it’s sexy. And bloody. Sexy-bloody, if you will.

A powerful stock broker frequents Tulpa, a sex club owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. Unshackled from the pressure of her job she will do anything to attain a higher consciousness, but when her lovers are murdered in shocking ways, she tries to unmask the anonymous assassin with nightmare consequences.

Starring Claudia Gerini, Michele Placido, Nuot Arquint, and Michela Cescon.

No word on an official release date yet, but look for it sometime in 2013.