Feel the Max Payne Posters; and Jennifer’s Body Ain’t Bad, Either

Via the boys over at Latino Review, 20th Century Fox has shipped over three brand spanking new posters for two of their upcoming movies — the Mark Wahlberg shoot’em up “Max Payne” and the Megan Fox slut’em up “Jennifer’s Body”. Well, we can only hope that the latter movie will live up to the hype, but what are the chances of a nude Megan Fox running around literally eating men? (Fingers crossed!) “Max Payne”, on the other hand, looks just like the videogame, and if Max pounds enough painkillers like he did in the game, we should be in for some fun times; plus, the recent trailer rocks.

Via LatinoReview:

“Max Payne”:

Max Payne Movie Poster

Max Payne Movie Poster

“Jennifer’s Body”:

Jennifer's Body Movie Poster