Feeling Star Struck? You probably just feel ill…

Cowell1(Article by Tom G.) Sometimes film announcements which seem so obvious that they will happen, still surprise me. The very worst ideas that you know will be box office catastrophes and offend the sane movie-going public, are continually being made and there is not a thing to do about them.

So that’s the lead-up for news that Simon Cowell is targeting the big screen with a foray into movies. His first feature is called ‘Star Struck‘…(this pains me already)…which will be a drama set behind the scenes of a singing competition, following 10 contestants as they vie to be the next music sensation (where does Cowell get his ideas from?).

I know on paper this film was bound to happen sooner or later, since no one could stop the juggernaut that was From Justin to Kelly. In fact to add to the torment, Cowell will be casting a bunch of unknown ‘talent’, to make the cast seem more ‘believable’.

Maybe I’m lost in the Twilight Zone, but I really don’t see the purpose of this film. Of course the obvious answer would be ‘money’, but does this movie really have any chance of breaking even, when people can watch an absolutely identical version of it for free on TV?

I’m now beginning to think Monopoly: The Movie is actually a good idea.

You can read the full story here. (and for the record, I actually really like Simon Cowell, surprisingly)