Female Empowerment Continues in 24 Season 8

I have to admit, 24’s current Season 7 is not exactly the pinnacle of excellence, but it’s still the damn best action-adventure show on TV right now. Yes, even after this week’s WTF moment with Tony Almeida. Is he or isn’t he, guys? Decide already! Anyways, now that we know the show’s 8th season (set to commence production next month!) will be set in New York and that CTU will be back, EW adds that FBI agent Renee Walker (played by Annie Wersching) will survive Season 7 and return for a pivotal role in Season 8 along with the show’s female prez, played by Cherry Jones.

Says EW’s Michael Ausiello:

Not only is she coming back next season, but exec producer Howard Gordon tells me that “some part of her past will be necessary in the context of the next crisis.” Gordon also confirms that Cherry Jones’ President Taylor will return for the Big Apple-set Day 8. “Cherry truly defined this character and fashioned our first truly aspirational President since David Palmer,” he says. “She brought an emotional weight and intelligence that exceeded even our expectations.”

Yeah, I don’t know about Jones’ Allison Taylor being all that “aspirational”. If anything, she ranks just a tad higher than the Lesser Palmer as a 24 President. Hopefully her manipulative and I’ll-sleep-with-ya-then-blackmail-ya little spark plug of a bitch — er, I mean, daughter (aka Sprague Grayden) will also be back.

Yay, Female Jack Bauer will survive Season 7! I was kinda worried for our freckled little redhead, too.

Below: “Psst. You coming back for Season 8? I made that happen. Know what I mean? Wink wink.”