Fichtner and Heard Drives Angry with Cage — in 3D

Wow, another movie in 3D. Figures. In any case, at least this time around the 3D gimmick will get a boost from Amber Heard (below), who will be showing off her glorious self in the format along with “Prison Break’s” William Fichtner (left). The duo will be joining the cast of Nicolas Cage’s revenge road thriller “Drive Angry” for director Patrick Lussier (“My Bloody Valentine 3D”). The script, by Todd Farmer, finds Cage playing a man who goes on the road in search of the people who killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby. No word on what characters Heard and Fichtner will be playing.

Shooting on the thriller starts this March in Shreveport, Louisiana for a February 11, 2011 release.

Todd Farmer and Amber Heard in Angry 3D (2011) Movie Image