Fiddy Out, Crews In The Expendables

Another casting change in Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables”, with word from the musclebound writer/director/star himself that rapper-turned-actor-turned-game-hero .50 Cent, who was thought to be replacing the departing Forest Whittaker last week, has himself been replaced by a former football player turned actor named Terry Crews.

From AICN:

For quite some time, the role belonged to Forest Whitaker, but a push in the schedule made it impossible for the Ghost Dog to continue with the film. Then I received a call, informing me that rapper, 50 CENT aka Curtis Jackson, had stepped into the role. Then Sly sent me an email regarding that casting, that I updated the story with. Well… today, I get woke up with a very enthusiastic call from Stallone, who has recast the role of Hale Caesar for a final (hopefully) time. So… who is Hale Caesar?

First off – he’s 6’2 & a half” and BIG. He’s a former San Diego Charger. He made his screen debut with Arnold Schwarzeneggar in THE 6TH DAY. And his most recent film will be this summer’s Arnie-less TERMINATOR SALVATION. He is TERRY CREWS.

So there you have it. Crews (below) is in, Fiddy Cents is out. Now bring on the explosions and machine guns already, geez, it feels like we’ve been reporting on this movie for the last 10 years…