Final Destination 5 Gets Gratuitous Number in Title, Opening Disaster Revealed

The gorehounds at Bloody-Disgusting have your inside dish on all things “Final Destination 5”. Or as it’s now being called, “5nal Destination”. I shit you not. Some genius in a suit somewhere in Hollywood came up with that then ran into his boss’s office and acted like he had just cured cancer. I wonder if it’s the same guy who is naming all those silly “Fast and Furious” movies…

But more importantly, BD also has news on the film’s opening disaster. All the “Final Destination” movies feature an opening disaster sequence where a bunch of people are killed, including our young lead, before it’s revealed that he/she only saw it in a premonition, prompting him/her to act all nutty and stall death’s arrival for himself/herself and a bunch of others. Death, then, spends the rest of the movie trying to kill them anyway. It’s clock-work, like the opening theme of a TV show, and the fifth entry in the franchise will be no different. Why start now, after all?

According to BD, this time around the teen spam — er, I mean, characters — will be caught on a suspension bridge disaster that kills oodles of people, but not our young leads.

Here’s all the opening disasters from the previous four movies to get you caught up. Ooh, disaster-y!