Final Girl Adds More Victims Including Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley in The Hunger Games (2012) Movie Image

“Haha, I shall defeat the Final Girl with my funky facial hair.”

Wes Bentley, Logan Huffman, Michael Trevino, Connor Paolo and Francesca Eastwood have joined the cast of photographer-turned-film director Tyler Shields’ first foray into feature-length filmmaking, the teen slasher-themed “Final Girl”. Abigail Breslin (“Zombieland”) signed on to play the lead a while back, and will remain the final girl of the title. Alexander Ludwig (who, like, Bentley also co-starred in “The Hunger Games” — he played career tribute Cato) is also in the cast.

Here’s a very SPOILER-IFIC synopsis for the film:

Loner Veronica is new to school, shy and vulnerable the perfect target for a group of teenage boys who lure girls into the woods to hunt and kill them for sport. It’s only after they get her alone that she turns the tables on them, escaping and revealing she’s armed and knows how to defend herself. Little do they know, Veronica is an assassin-in-training, and she’s chosen killing these boys as her final test. When the dust clears, Veronica will find out if she can be the final girl these boys ever have a chance to hurt.

Gee, I hope the fact that she turns out to be an “assassin-in-training” isn’t some major, you know, plot twist in the movie, cause, well, there goes the twist!

And oh, here’s a teaser poster for the movie:

Final Girl (2013) Movie Poster

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