Final Preview Trailer for Syfy’s Legion TV Series Dominion

Tom Wisdom in Dominion

The Syfy Channel’s “Dominion,” the spin-off TV series based on the 2010 movie “Legion” by Scott Stewart, debuts tonight on the cable network. “Dominion,” we’re told, will follow “the perilous journey of a rebellious young soldier who discovers he’s the unlikely savior of humanity.”

That plot jives with what happened at the end of “Legion,” though I’m not sure what the whole guys running Las Vegas as some kind of kingdom has to do with it. I was really hoping for more of a down-and-dirty, gritty “Terminator”-esque show, but it looks way too glitzy and, I don’t know, less apocalyptic than I had expected.

Anyways, I’ll still give it a shot, mostly because — for all its faults, and there were many — I still ended up liking “Legion.” That, and it’s summer and besides the 5000 reality TV shows out there on the network wasteland, there’s almost absolutely nothing to watch until the fall.

The show stars Christopher Egan, Roxanne McKee, Tom Wisdom, and “Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s” Anthony Head. Egan, by the way, also previously starred in a show called “Kings” that looked, curiously, just like what they’re going for with “Dominion.” Coincidence?

Dominion TV Series Poster