Fincher’s Heavy Metal Too Risque for Paramount

Paramount Studios has decided that half-naked animated chicks with massive broadswords and, er, other massive things, is not for them, and as a result they have dropped the would-be animated feature from David Fincher and Blur Studio. According to Entertainment Weekly, Paramount suits thought the subject of “Heavy Metal” was “too risque for mainstream audiences”. This leaves Fincher and Blur Studio’s Tim Miller to shop the film around to other studios.

The project is an amalgam of erotic and violent storylines penned by well-known sci-fi scribes like Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Joe Haldeman (The Forever War), and Neal Asher (Gridlinked). The concept is to use eight to 10 of these shorts in a single movie with each segment helmed by a different director (Fincher is on deck to direct one). Though things are on hold until another studio picks it up, Miller is confident the film will eventually see the light of day. “David really believes in the project. It’s just a matter of time,” Miller says.

I was never too into the “Heavy Metal” movies. They always seemed like one big tease to me, and if you really wanted to see naked girls with big busts in animated form, why bother with the tease? The Japanese have been doing it since Godzilla stumped the crap out of Tokyo.

If this “Heavy Metal” movie does ever get made, it’s got direct-to-DVD written all over it. Are grown men really going to sit in the theaters watching a half-naked animated chick cut people’s heads off with a broadsword? That’s what the privacy of your own home (with the lights turned off, the shades down, and your girlfriend safely tucked away at her friend’s for the night, of course) is for.

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