Find Out Which X-Man Might be Doing a Cameo in The Wolverine… (SPOILERS)


Hugh Jackman in X-Men (2000) Movie ImageAnd I stress the word might, because frankly, you never know with these things. The fact that the possibility of this cameo has now leaked online might force the studio and director James Mangold to rethink it or cut it out completely if true. Then again, those of us who spend too much time trolling the Interwebs for comic book movie news tend to be in the vast minority of actual moviegoers, so maybe it doesn’t matter all that much. In any case…


“The Wolverine”, as you know, is currently shooting at the moment with Hugh Jackman back as the feral Canucklehead mutant with the groovy healing factor and sharp claws. The film will find Logan going up against the Japanese Yakuza and the Silver Samurai, but will he have some help? Possibly, if the following rumor is to be believed.

According to We Got This Covered, “a source close to the film” has told them that Famke Janssen, who played Jean Grey in the last three “X-Men” films, recently went down to the “Wolverine” set to shoot a cameo. Interesting, especially considering that Logan gets a new (albeit forbidden) love interest in the movie.

Of course, if true, this could be anything, from a dream sequence to a brief flashback. Jean Grey, as you’ll recall, got knifed to death by Wolvie himself in the third “X-Men” movie, “The Last Stand”. Then again, this is a comic book movie, so death isn’t exactly, you know, final.

Update: Cinema Blend confirms the Jean Grey cameo rumor with their own source.

Famke Janssen in X-Men (2000) Movie Image

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  • Juggernaut

    There is absolutely no reason that Jean should be included in this movie!

    • ErickKwon

      Yeah, I expected a cameo, but Jean Grey would make no sense. I was actually hoping against hope for Ryan Reynolds as a “fixed”/retconned Deadpool. His powers and skillset would be great as either a surprise enemy for Wolverine or a possible partner

      • Dedpool

        THAT would rock!!

        • ErickKwon

          I can’t imagine a better way to get some Deadpool movie momentum going. If Fox is going to take a shot at a cinematic universe, they have to plant seeds now

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    I thought the Wolverine took place before the X-men movies. So why should she not still be alive?

    • Dedpool

      I think he was saying no matter if it’s before or after it shouldn’t happen. And I agree. If they want to use someone to connect this to the first X-men films use Xavier. And even then no matter what you do he’s got to not know any of them since he first meets them in X-men.

      • Juggernaut


    • Juggernaut

      She’d be alive but her interaction with Logan would go against their meeting in the first film and de-value that exchange in my opinion. It’s just plain uneccasary.

  • Jonas

    Madelyne Pryor?

    • Juggernaut

      Hopefully Fox will get a clue and have this cameo connect the Wolverine franchise, X-Men fanchise and the newer X-Men (First Class). Although the films have had somewhat of a connected universe the upcoming plan to meld the first trilogy with the First Class series in their next film coupled with this tie could bring a sense of cohesiveness that hasn’t been there before.