Finish Him! New, Longer Trailer for Keanu Reeves’ Man of Tai Chi

Keanu Reeves in Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Image

Keanu Reeves is a bad man in the new film “Man of Tai Chi”. What makes Reeves’ turn as a bad guy even more interesting is that he’s the director of the film. Yup, Reeves is making his directorial debut on “Man of Tai Chi”, and I have to admit, you don’t see that everyday. Usually when actors decide they want to get into directing, it’s on small indie dramas where they don’t have a lot of things going on at once. And they either write or save the juiciest role for themselves.

But Reeves? Dude decides to jump right into a tournament fighting movie. A kung fu movie, no less.

It’s too bad the result looks kind of, well, generic. It is a tournament fighting movie, after all, which is usually the venue of moderately budgeted direct-to-DVD offerings. Why? Because it’s cheap to make and you can throw a bunch of action scenes on the screen for relatively little money. All you really need is one star and a bunch of faceless dudes to get punched/killed/beaten to a pulp. Nowadays, you can even get some names from the world of mixed martial arts to be your cheap punching bag.

Anyways, check out a new, longer trailer for “Man of Tai Chi”. The film stars Tiger Hu as a young martial artist whose skills are tested when he falls in with Reeves’ underground fighting set-up.

Hong Kong favorites Karen Mok and Simon Yam, along with “The Raid’s” Iko Uwais co-stars.

The film has no release date, so look for it to start making some noise later this year, possibly on the festival circuit.

Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Poster