First Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Promo Wants to Save You

Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet in Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Dang, didn’t ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD” just wrapped up its touch-and-go first season a few months ago? Apparently it’s been a while, because the second season is already prepping to save the world at the end of this month. Go figure.

Check out the first official promo spot for the upcoming second season, which features the former agents of SHIELD (ex-agents of SHIELD? agents of ex-SHIELD?) still doing their very best to save the world, whether we know we need saving or not.

Glad to see they haven’t dumped Brett Dalton’s Grant Ward completely. After the trail of bodies the guy left behind in his wake, it’ll be interesting to see how they redeem him. And yes, that’s coming. Look, this is from that Joss Whedon guy and his peeps. They’ve been known to turn bad guys into good guys. They pretty much do it all the time.

Season 2 of the comic book show returns this September 23rd.