First Battling Images from 300 Sequel Rise of an Empire

300 - Rise of an Empire (2013) Movie Title

It’s been years in the making, but finally, here are your first two official looks at the upcoming “300: Rise of an Empire”, the sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2006 surprise hit film “300”. Leonidas and company are dead and gone when the sequel starts up, with Athenian dude Themistokles (“Strike Back’s” Sullivan Stapleton) continuing the fight against those pesky invading Persians hordes, this time on the seas of Greece.

According to director Noam Murro, “Rise of an Empire’s” battles won’t be confined to the seas, though that’s where most of it will happen. He tells USAToday:

The first 300 took place primarily on a narrow pass known as the “Hot Gates,” where the Spartans sought tactical advantage due to their significantly smaller numbers. But Empire “happens over time in many different locations,” says Murro. “The opportunities for the six distinct battles are even greater with different locations and tactics.”

Stapleton will be leading his citizen soldiers against Eva Green, who will be commanding Xerxes’ Navy.

According to Munro, Green’s Artemesia will have “sex appeal”, but also be “ruthless and conniving” and oh yeah, she’ll also have a sword. So, you know, don’t mess with the lady!

Check out the first two pics from the movie. As you can see, Munro and company went to great pains to keep the “look” of the Snyder movie:

Sullivan Stapleton in 300 Rise of an Empire (2013) Movie Image

300 Rise of an Empire (2013) Movie Image

UPDATE: Here’s your first look at Eva Green.

Eva Green in 300 Rise of an Empire (2013) Movie Image