First Look at Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2

People who know comic books are curious as to how Scarlett Johansson will fill out that Black Widow costume. Or if her Natasha Romanoff will even wear one. Well consider that mystery solved, kids, because it appears Johnasson as Ramanoff aka The Black Widow will indeed suit up in the slinky black leather one-piece, black widow sting shooter and all. The cam-captured images of our first look at The Black Widow in “Iron Man 2” comes from Entertainment Weekly, which aired a teaser showing off their next issue’s cover, which just happens to feature Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, and Scarlett Johansson as the Black Window. Check out the images below.

Update: EW has added the pics below to their website promoting the issue. As usual for EW, the size is crap.

The original screen caps via ComicBookMovie.