First Clip From The X-Files’ Chris Carter’s New End-of-the-World Series The After

Jaina Lee Ortiz in The After

“The X-Files” creator Chris Carter is back with a new sci-fi TV show, this time one that will be premiering on Which is great for me, because I’m an Amazon Prime member, and I’m assuming I’ll get to see this free. Right?

In the show, “eight strangers are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation.” Some of those wacky things that defy explanation occurs in the minute-long clip from the show below. Check it out, check it outers.

You’ll be able to catch the pilot episode later this year, and like all the shows on Amazon’s Pilot Season, if enough people watch it, the show will get a full season. Amazon attempted this last year with a handful of shows, including the “Zombieland” pilot that didn’t quite work out.

The show’s cast includes Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy, Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Adrian Pasdar and Louise Monot.

The clip below finds a lot of scared people trying to figure out what’s going on, when BOOM! Two helicopters crash, which is kind of hilarious. I mean, how do two helicopters crash with all that airspace? It looks cool and all, but the logistics of something like that happening is kind of ridiculous, but maybe that’s just me.