First Curse of Chucky Trailer Wants to be Your Friend to the (Bloody) End

Curse of Chucky (2013) Movie Image

Chucky will be your friend to the end. Or die trying. Well, kill you trying, anyway. I’m not sure how original “Child’s Play” creator Don Mancini’s “Curse of Chucky” connects with the rest of the franchise (like that really matters), though admittedly there’s not a whole lot of places you could go once you give the Chuckster a wife-doll voiced by Jennifer Tilly. I mean, after that, it’s all downhill, right? I’m talking about getting married. (Hey-yo!)

Anyways. Check out your first teaser trailer for “Curse of Chucky”, which is heading straight to DVD this October. Just in time for Halloween. Or thereabouts.

He’s back! From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky comes the terrifying return of the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of a notorious serial killer. When a mysterious package arrives at the house of Nica (Fiona Dourif, True Blood), she doesn’t give it much thought. However, after her mother’s mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to the ensuing bloodshed and chaos. The return of America’s favorite toy, voiced again by Brad Dourif, is unrated and full of more blood-splattered thrills and chills.

Starring Brad Dourif and his daughter Fiona. Yes, daddy Dourif is chasing after daughter Fiona, albeit in doll form. I’m pretty sure someone should write a paper on this. Also starring A Martinez, Danielle Bisutti, and Brennan Elliott.

Chuck comes out to play this October 8th on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Bonus features on the DVD/Blu-ray includes deleted scenes, a gag reel, “Playing with Dolls: The Making of Curse of Chucky” featurette, and feature length audio commentary with director Don Mancini, puppeteer Tony Gardner and star Fiona Dourif.

Curse of Chucky (2013) Blu-ray Cover