New Expendables 2 Poster Flexes its Collective Muscles

Stallone! Willis! Schwarzenegger! Norris! Van Damme! Hemsworth!

Wait. Hemsworth? Thor? No, as it turns out, just his little brother. Oh well. Apparently it’s a big enough role that Liam Hemsworth gets his name up on the marquee poster along with the rest of the bigger named Expendables like Stallone and company, even though he doesn’t show up in this poster. No idea who the girl is, though I suspect she’s the daughter of Mickey Rourke’s character, Tool. Rourke, it’s been reported, is a no-show for the second film.

Also a no-show? Jet Li, even though his name is on the marquee, so that means he’s definitely in the sequel. Couldn’t they have photoshopped him in there kicking someone in the face?

In any case, the film arrives late next year, August 17th, with Simon West directing.

The Expendables 2 (2012) Movie Poster