First Few Photos from The Toxic Avenger 5: Toxic Twins

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. If you don’t believe me, I will be more than willing to recreate the unbridled excitement I experienced upon viewing these stills from the upcoming fifth installment of the impossibly incredible “Toxic Avenger” series. Although the pictures situated below don’t feature any shots of the titular superhero himself, you will have the opportunity to see his children, which look a lot like their grossly deformed father.

Here’s what Lloyd Kaufman had to say about the forthcoming production:

Unlike Superman, who never seems to age, Toxie gets older with each movie. In THE TOXIC AVENGER PARTs II-IV, he has gotten married and had children. Now he’ll have to deal with his wife’s menopause, his erectile dysfunction—which is a constant erection—and his rebellious kid. We’re on to the next generation, like STAR TREK.

We’ll see a little of Toxie’s twins in kindergarten, and then as teenagers. The son is rebellious, while the daughter is ultra-politically correct. We’ll show her going through puberty, which should be the most colorful monthly cycle ever put on film! We want to focus on the father/child relationship, and the generation gap. There is also a villain who wants to rename Tromaville Scheisseville.

For some bizarre reason, I really like the phrase “the most colorful monthly cycle ever put on film.” I know that makes me sound like a hideous degenerate, but I honestly couldn’t care less. God bless tastelessness. If you’re curious about “The Toxic Avenger 5”, check out the pictures below. Thanks to for the scoop.