First Fist-Smacking Trailer for Donnie Yen’s Special ID

Donnie Yen in Special ID (2013) Movie Image

The ever-busy Donnie Yen has a slew of movies coming out in the next few years, but I’m always a bigger fan of his more contemporary actioners. I don’t mind seeing him in some big-budget epic Wuxia movie, mind you, or a period throwdown like “Dragon”, but Yen’s style is so ferocious that I think it just begs to be used against street toughs and gangster types. That’s apparently what we’re going to be getting in Clarence Fok’s “Special Identity”, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Check out the film’s first trailer below. It’s in Chinese and has no English subtitles, but I think you can still guess what’s going on. Translation: Yen is a cop. He beats up bad guys. The End.

But in case you need more, here you go:

A cop and his team of comrades go undercover in one of China’s most ruthless underworld organizations to stop a gang leader, only to put themselves in great danger after being exposed one by one.

What I said.

“Special ID” stars Yen, along with Collin Chou, Andy On, Jing Tian, Ken Lo, and Zhang Hanyu. China gets it first October 3rd.

Thanks to Isaac for the heads up.

Special ID (2013) Movie Poster