First Footage of Rutger Hauer as a Hobo with a Shotgun

It started out as a faux trailer, but it’s now become an actual movie starring Rutger Hauer. Yes, folks, it’s the new “Snakes on a Plane” — it’s “Hobo with a Shotgun”! From Jason Eisener, the guy who gave you “Treevenge”, here’s the tale of one sorry loser who decides to buy a shotgun with some change he had and become a vigilante, dealing justice to bad guys, perverts, and other assorted bad guy perverts. And who says all bums use the spare change you give them for booze? Shows you.

Check out the first footage from the movie via the official site. The plot? It’s a movie called “Hobo with a Shotgun”, man, whaddaya want from me?