First Gooey Image from Director Steven Kostanski’s Bio-Cop

I love moves that take the word “cop” and combine it with something that’s totally unrelated yet impossibly intriguing. In fact, if a production company were to focus all of their time and efforts into developing pictures based around this concept alone, I would never want for anything else. Think of the endless possibilities: “Lettuce Cop”, “Pillow Cop”, “Tampon Cop” — you get the idea. Astron-6’s Steven Kostanski, the mad genius who directed the absurdly enjoyable “Father’s Day”, is currently preparing his next epic motion picture experience. Below you’ll find the first image from his upcoming endeavor “Bio-Cop”, a film which, judging from the accompanying imagery, follows my cinematic formula-of-choice to the letter. I honestly can’t wait to see more. And the sooner “Manborg” hits DVD, the letter.

For more information about Astron-6, stop by their official website.

Via : Twitch