First Gun-Toting Cast Photo From the Red Dawn Remake

There was never really any doubt that we would be seeing MGM’s remake of “Red Dawn” on the big screen one of these days. It was always just a question of when. And despite Chinese anger at the Chinese being depicted as the film’s invaders (Cause, you know, you’d never see Westerners being cartoonishly evil in their movies. Ahem.), it’s now looking like we’ll be seeing a full-scale invasion of the homeland sometime in 2011, though when exactly is still up in the air. Given the premise, and the film’s budget, though, this thing was never going to sit on the shelf for too long, and it was just waiting for MGM to get their shite together.

The film’s got a pretty cool cast, consisting of the new Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, “Legion’s” Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Edwin Hodge, Alyssa Diaz, and even Tom Cruise’s little adopted kid, Connor Cruise, though you probably won’t recognize him as Cruise’s offspring. (Did I mention he’s adopted?) Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also in this thing, and when you can get the Comedian in your war movie, you must be doing something right.

Wish the pic was bigger, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. And since we haven’t seen anything from the movie until now, it’s really slim pickings out there.