First Image from Book of Eli

There are only two things in this world you can be sure of: Denzel Washington in “Book of Eli” has the potential to be ass-kicking good, and there are some of you who thinks “I Love You Beth Cooper”, starring the girl from Heroes and a 28-year old who looks like he’s actually 38-years old playing a high school kid who loves her sounds like great fun. I pray for those of you who fall in the latter camp.

But back to our point. Here’s your first look at Denzel Washington in the Hughes Brothers’ “Book of Eli”. No sign of Eli’s book in the picture, but I’m sure he has it on him somewhere. It’s kind of important, you know.

As per usual with Entertainment Weekly, their image is not exactly high-res stuff. You know, at this point I think EW just makes their images small on purpose just to mess with us, as if to say, “See, we got this first, but we’re going to give you this really small pic instead of the full-blown pic, even though we obviously have it. Why? Because we can, suckers. Hah!”

But I could be wrong.

In the film, Denzel Washington plays the guy with the book, and Gary Oldman is the bad guy who wants his book.