First Image from Zombie’s Halloween Sequel

To be honest with you, I’m not sure what to call this movie. Do we officially refer to it as the sequel to the remake, or just the sequel to “Halloween” from now on? I haven’t a clue. See, it’s dilemmas like this that keeps me up at nights. That, and bad tacos from Taco Bell. Man, Frutista Freeze and Nachos Bell Grande just don’t go together, guys. Anyways, first image from “H2” after the jump.

In a blog post titled “3 Days”, Zombie said this about the pic:

Well, we made it through the first three days. Everything is going great. This film is going to blow away my last trip to Haddonfield. Ultra gritty, ultra intense and very real. Here is a sneak peek of Laurie moments after being wheel in to the ER.

Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane and Malcolm McDowell return from the original. Rob Zombie writes and directs the whole bloody mess once again.