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What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way Comic Book CoverAnother year, another Superman-centric original DVD animated movie. So what else is new? Supes and ol Bats have the D.C./Warner Bros. direct-to-DVD animated market pretty much covered, and after the duo teamed up for “Justice League: Doom”, the Big Blue Boy Scout is back on his own in “Superman vs. The Elite”. And for those who will be heading down to Anaheim for Wonder Con this year, you’re in luck, because “Superman vs. The Elite” will be screening at the shindig on Friday, March 16th.

“Superman vs. The Elite” is based on the comic storyline, “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?” in Action Comics by Joe Kelly, who also wrote the script for the movie version. In the film, Superman’s effectiveness as a superhero comes into question when a new group of super powerful crusaders, known as “The Elite,” appear on the scene. As superheroes, the Elite know no bounds, and are more than willing to kill, even on a massive scale, to stop villainy — putting them on a collision course with the ever-ethical, yet preferably non-lethal Man of Steel.

Michael Chang directs the film, with a voice cast that includes George Newbern as Superman, Pauley Perrette as Lois Lane, Robin Atkin Downes as Manchester Black, the leader of The Elite, with David Kaufman as cub scout reporter Jimmy Olsen.

Besides the World Premiere of the film at Wonder Con, there will also be a panel, so look out for that as well, kids. Then look for the film sometime in 2012. Until then, here are three images from the movie.

Superman vs. The Elite (2012) Movie Image

Superman vs. The Elite (2012) Movie Image

Superman vs. The Elite (2012) Movie Image

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  • Dedpool

    This was one of the best Superman stories in the last decade or so, and I’m glad this is getting done. I do wish they’d branch out a bit, and do some more heroes or at least more JL stories and more Showcase shorts of obscure characters. Or damn at least give us follow ups to the Wonder Woman and Green Lantern Movies.The art style kinda reminds me of “Legion of Superheroes” and “Avengers: EMH”

  • Shazam!

    I skipped over the comics when I first saw them because to me it was just an expansion of the Magog subplot that Waid and Ross wrote into Kingdom Come – however, if you guys are saying it’s worth a read…

    Personally, I’d like to see a Flash animated treatment – I’d be all over an animated version of the first story arc they took Flash through in the new 52!

    • Dedpool

      It’s a great read, it has similar themes to “Kingdom Come” but on a smaller, more personal scale because it focuses on Superman. The fight on Jupiter’s moon is not to be missed.

      I’ve heard good things about that run. I wouldn’t mind seeing them tweak the Savitar story or the Zoom storyline.

  • Lexavi80

    I got the trades JLE VOl. 1 and 2.

    This particulas Superman issue is included in the trades, and all I can say is WOW!!!

    For me, that’s THE best way to make Superman dated. He doesn’t have to be dark nor angrier. He’s villains have to, and they have to put him in a tough place. That’s what I love of Joe Kelly. He knows how to do that with Superman and with the JLA.

    • Dedpool

      Thats exactly what i want in a superman film. i never wanted Superman to be dark and gritty, just the world he’s in to be darker. It makes his symbolism of a brighter world more poignant. And Yeah i’m buying those soon actually. I read them before.

  • Cee Jay

    It had nothing to do with a backlash to Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come and everything to do with a backlash to Wildstorm’s Authority superhero team. All the members of the Elite were spoofs of The Authority who unlike the goody-two-shoes superheroes of Marvel and DC, actually eradicate villains and killl them once and for all. D.C eventually bought up Wildstorm comics and ruined every single one of their comic characters… as usual.

    • Dedpool

      I don’t think he meant it was a backlash from Kingdom Come, but that the whole violent heroes are bad thing that was pervasive in Kingdom Come as well.