First Images from Angels and Demons

USA Today has your first look (including an article and images) from Ron Howard’s “Angels and Demons”, his and Tom Hanks’ sequel to the mega hit “The Da Vinci Code”, the movie that no critic seemed to liked, but everyone else seemed to love (to the tune of $758 million worldwide), once again reiterating the fact that movie critics suck, and no one really listens to them anyway. The new images feature star Tom Hanks, lead female and Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer, and Ewan McGregor as a Priest name Carlo Ventrasca. My guess is that the Vatican is up to no good; but then again, I’ve never read Dan Brown’s book, so I’m just guessing. I do know, though, that Hollywood and religion rarely mix, especially when it’s Catholicism.

USA Today has more on the movie’s plot, and something about controversy with the church, which, eh, who cares:

The adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel continues the sleuthing adventures of Robert Langdon (Hanks), a Harvard expert in religious symbols who discovers a conspiracy to destroy the Vatican… Set in and around the Vatican, Brown’s Angels includes the murders of cardinals, who are mutilated with mysterious symbols… The film centers on an act of terrorism at the Vatican and examines the tension between science and faith.

Grab some angels and demons May 15, 2009.

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