First Images from Blackbird and The Expatriate

EW‘s latest “First Look” feature comes with three new looks at two intriguing, upcoming movies. The first is for Aaron Eckhart’s “The Expatriate”, one of those “Taken”-esque movies about a former CIA badass who must return to his old ways in order to save someone he loves. In this case, Eckhart is running around Europe with a daughter and kicking European ass and taking names. “Trust’s” Liana Liberato plays the daughter, and “Hitman’s” Olga Kurylenko co-stars.

Eric Bana, Charlie Hunnam, and Olivia Wilde co-star in the gritty drama “Blackbird”. In the flick, Bana and Wilde play a brother-and-sister team of thieves who get lost in the woods of northern Michigan after a violent heist gone wrong. Things take a turn for the tense when they run across Charlie Hunnam’s family.