First Images from Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man


Here are your first images from “Martyrs” director Pascal Laugier’s latest, “The Tall Man”. The film sounds like it’s got the makings of a decent direct-to-DVD horror flick in it, though having Jessica Biel as your star might give it some clout to go into theaters overseas. Not so sure about Stateside, though, Biel is still mostly just a supporting pretty face around these here parts. Anyways, pics via the boys at Quiet Earth.

Set in the town of Cold Rock, THE TALL MAN is a story of the haunting secrets that hide behind closed doors. With children gone missing over the years leaving neither a clue nor a witness, superstitious locals talk of ‘The Tall Man,’ a legendary, mysterious dark figure who takes children away never to be seen again. When a woman’s son is taken, the chase is on and with it the quest for answers: who is the Tall Man and what happens to the children?

The film also co-stars William B. Davis of “X-Files” fame and Samantha Ferris of “Supernatural” fame. Stephen McHattie and Katherine Ramdeen round out the cast.

Author: Nix

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  • Doubleh55

    I can’t possibly be the only one that things calling it The Tall Man is just asking for people to think it’s a Phantasm movie. And if if it doesn’t, it’s the same name as the villian in Phantasm.

    • Nix

      It’s been ages since Phantasm. 90% (if not more) of horror “fans” nowadays will have no clue, so I think the filmmakers are probably safe.

    • Dedpool

      No I thought the same thing. I was like “DUDE!!! He’s getting a movie” and then he popped out from the cubicle next to me and was like “NO!!! I’M NOT!!!”

  • Bdtrooper

    Yes, the title “The Tall Man”, plus, the description of a mysterious figure who steals away children, definately invokes the classic “Phantasm.” It will confuse many. Though anything w/ Jessica Biel is worth seeing.

  • Sapphire Kaye

    Fuck this “Phantasm”

    • Derelik Films

      Slender Man is a Phantasm rip-off.

      • Guest

        No, Slendy does not at all relate to Phantasm, except for the nickname “Tall Man”.

  • Lustedblood

    Slenderman IS a Phantasm & Grinning man rip off. Oh wait you thought Slenderman was an original idea? LOL

  • Lustedblood

    “The Phantasm movies (1979-1998) feature another guy called the Tall Man—a supernatural entity of abnormal height who wears a suit and abducts people.

    Better yet, take a look at the 1960s reported sightings of the Grinning Man, an abnormally tall, supernatural entity with obscured/missing facial features who reportedly stalked a few people.”

    OH yeah! totally doesn’t sound just like Slenderman, face it, Slendy is not original.