Trailer and Images from the Original Underworld Anime, Underworld: Endless War

Underworld Endless War Anime

If you’ve seen the trailers for Kate Beckinsale’s upcoming “Underworld: Awakening”, you may have noticed that the film takes place in the future. What’s more, the character Michael (played by Scott Speedman in the first two movies, and supposedly the true love of Selene’s life), is nowhere to be seen. Heck, at one point in the trailer, Selene even demands from someone, quite angrily, “Where’s Michael?”

That answer might be found in the original animated short film “Underworld: Endless War”, which is being packaged along with the “Underworld: The Essential Collection” Blu-ray release. The box set will include all three movies from the franchise (including the Kate-less part three, “Rise of the Lycans”), and will ship from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment tomorrow on December 20th, 2011.

ShockTilYouDrop got an early copy of the movie, and snapped these screenshots (above and below). They also flesh out “Endless War” a bit more:

Underworld: Endless War finds Selene in the late 1800s tracking a trio of Lycan brothers in Paris, France. The three are posing as Lords and have called a castle in Paris their own. The vampire top dogs, for a particular reason, want that castle and to see the Lycan brothers dead. Part one of Endless War lays the groundwork for ultimately becomes a mission for Selene that spans over a 100 years. By the third chapter, Selene is joined by Michael in the hunt for the final Lycan.

The original animated short leads into the events of “Underworld: Awakening”, and we presume, also answers the question: “What happened to Michael?”

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for the short via Bloody-Disgusting:

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Underworld: The Essential Collection Blu-ray Cover

Underworld Endless War Anime