First Images from the South Korean Disaster Flick The Tower 3D

What happens when two helicopters collide mid-air over a high rise that’s hosting a Christmas party? Utter chaos! Below (and to the left) you’ll find the first images from “Sector 7” director Kim Ji-hoon’s South Korean disaster drama “The Tower 3D”, a movie that, as the title suggests, will present its terror in the glorious format known as the third dimension. Cinematic flames will appear to lick your twenty-dollar haircut as firefighters rush to rescue these party-goers from certain doom.

Here’s a slightly more detailed plot synopsis:

At Tower Sky building, the super-luxurious landmark building complex, fire bursts out during a so-called White Christmas party. Fire started when the helicopters which supposed to sprinkle the snow above the building clashed. Firefighters are swiftly sent to save all the tenants and VIP guests in the building.

Sol Kyung-Gu, Kim Sang-Kyung, and Son Ye-Jin star. The embedded CJ Entertainment promotional video contains some footage from “The Tower 3D”, as well as other motion pictures the company is preparing to unleash this year. Below that, the aforementioned pics await.