First Images from Thomas Jane’s Dark Country

Didn’t Thomas Jane used to be a really big A-list name? At least he was a couple of years ago. Maybe Jane is just picking materials that are too “outside the box” for the studio, who keeps sending his movies straight to DVD, but boy, it sure seems like every Thomas Jane movie is getting the shaft lately. First the eternally delayed “The Mutant Chronicles”, then “Killshot”, and now “Dark Country”, which also happens to be Jane’s feature film debut as a director. First images from “Dark Country” after the jump.

A couple en route from Las Vegas are forced to deal with a body out in the desert making their honeymoon one hellish ride.

The film stars Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, Lauren German, Chris Browning, Rene Mousseux, Aynn Kirby, Con Schell, Nikki Kelly, Jonathan Lund. Jane makes his feature film directorial debut with the movie.

Sony Pictures has yet to schedule the film for release, but at this point, it looks like another straight-to-DVD victim for the Jane oeuvre. Described as a supernatural film noir, the images look like fun times. And it’s supposed to be in 3D to boot.

Images via Quiet Earth.

Three of the images below. Click on them to see the rest in our “Dark Country” image gallery.