First Images from Wilson Yip’s A Chinese Ghost Story Reboot

Tsui Hark’s adaptation of Pu Songling’s “A Chinese Ghost Story” was among the very first Chinese movies I watched back in the 90’s. And while the idea of a remake doesn’t exactly get my blood pumping, the fact that “Ip Man” director Wilson Yip is behind the camera does make me breath a sigh of relief. After all, the film — which tells the story of a tax collector’s romantic relationship with a female ghost — could use a fresh coat of paint, though I suspect that others will not feel as strongly as I do in that regard. Despite how you may feel about this particular production, you have to admit that Yip’s involvement does bode well for the upcoming feature. Below you’ll find two snazzy images from this glossy retelling of “A Chinese Ghost Story”, which stars Liu Yifei, Louis Koo, and Yu Shaoqun. The film is currently in post-production, and should haunt Chinese theaters sometime next year.

Via Film Smash