First Trailer for Jason Statham’s The Mechanic Remake

WARNING! If you’ve never seen the Charles Bronson original, I recommend you don’t click to watch this international trailer for Jason Statham’s remake of “The Mechanic”. Why? Because the trailer’s final 10 seconds basically gives away the movie’s plot twist. So you’ve been warned.

For those still reading, “The Mechanic” stars Statham as a retiring hitman who agrees to train a young, ambitious protege played by Ben Foster in the fine art of killing. Obviously, as these things invariably go, retirement doesn’t come very easily for our hero. But hey, at least he gets to have fun with a stripper.

“The Mechanic” is directed by Simon West, who knows a thing or two about blowing shit up for cinema, having directed “Con Air” and “Tomb Raider”. Co-starring Christa Campbell, Donald Sutherland, and Jeff Chase.

Go see a mechanic December 15, 2010.

I don’t think this trailer is official by any means, so we’ll make due with these lousy embeds until then.