First Look: Arnold and Sly in The Tomb

Not content to just blast away bad guys in “The Expendables 2” together, resurgent tough guys Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are teaming up once again for “The Tomb”. This film looks and feels slightly less, well, bloody than “The Expendables” franchise, and might end up being more thriller and “dramatic” than the musclebound duo are used to. Oh, who are we kidding. It’s probably going to be a slam-bang action movie by the time it’s done and over with. We are talking about Arnold and Sly here, after all.

The film finds Sly playing Ray Breslin, the world’s foremost authority on structural security who ends up being framed and incarcerated in a master prison the he designed himself. I guess whoever is in charge of sentencing cons to prisons didn’t feel like doing research on our hero. Can you say, “Prison Break: The Movie”?

“The Tomb” is directed by Mikael Håfström (of “1408” fame) and co-stars Jim Caviezel, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Neill, Vinnie Jones, 50 Cent, Amy Ryan, Faran Tahir, and Matt Gerald.

Look for it in 2013.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in The Tomb (2013) Movie Image