First Look at Ben Kingsley in Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King

Ben Kingsley in All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot

(Potential spoilers below for those yet to see “Iron Man 3.”)

For those of you wondering whatever happened to bad guy The Mandarin from Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3,” well, Marvel has your answer in a new one-shot that will star The Mandarin himself, Ben Kingsley.

Trevor Slattery, as he’s also known, was busted for impersonating the terrorist The Mandarin in “Iron Man 3,” but of course we now know he was merely some actor coked out of his mind and being used by the real bad guy, fire-breathing dude Guy Pearce.

So what became of Slattery? You’ll be able to find out in the 14-minute one-shot “All Hail the King,” which finds the has-been actor/terrorist impersonator in a maximum security prison, we’re told, enjoying his newfound fame. The short was written and directed by “Iron Man 3” co-writer Drew Pearce, and will be included with the DVD/Blu-ray release of “Thor: The Dark World” this February.

According to EW, there may be more to this one-shot than just an amusing follow-up:

The Mandarin is the classic Iron Man nemesis, and while some fans were amused by the curveball Iron Man 3 threw out there regarding his “true nature,” others were outraged and furious.

All Hail the King reveals — they are not alone.

“Imagine a real terrorist organization whose beliefs were long held and religious for thousands of years, and imagine a drunk, British actor coming along and essentially telling the world that he’s the face of your organization,” Pearce tells EW. “I think they would be right to be quite angry.”

I wonder … will the REAL Mandarin show up? Assuming, of course, there is such a thing as a “real” Mandarin running around out there with bling on all ten fingers.

Color me somewhat disappointed at the Big Reveal, only to pit Iron Man against a bunch of fire breathing dudes.

Ben Kingsley in All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot

Ben Kingsley in All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot

Ben Kingsley in All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot