First Look at Brian Clevinger’s Captain America: The Fighting Avenger


I don’t read comics as much as I used to. A combination of actually working (yes, I actually call this sitting around in my boxers typing on an old ass computer working), laziness, watching TV and movies, and laziness (did I mention laziness already?) keeps me from going back to the comic book shop as often as I used to, say, 10 years ago. But this is definitely one comic book I plan on picking up: Marvel’s “Captain America: The Fighting Avenger” from writer Brian Clevinger.

If the name Brian Clevinger rings a bell, that’s because he’s the writer behind the awesomest fighting robot comic of all time, “Atomic Robo”. Love that comic. Seriously, if Hollywood doesn’t turn it either into a feature-length animated movie or an ongoing animated TV show before my lifetime, they are dumber than I already think they are.

Check out the first artwork for “Captain America: The Fighting Avenger”, which will take Cap back to his WWII fighting days, back before he became the mythical figure that he is now. The series’s artwork will be by the Japanese duo Gurihiru. Look for the first issue in January 2011.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Nice. I like the updated uniform. Now is this a re-imaginig of the WWII era for Cap? Cause from what i've read other than a couple of small costume tweaks like the helmet instead of the mask and such his history hasn't been changed much. Updated a bit with more backstory but most of the major things we've come to know are still cannon.

  • Nix

    Sounds like just more of his backstory, back before he became THE Captain America.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Ah so this is like his first few missions as cap. I think they should end the run with him getting his classic (but the updated look with helmet), just to keep people from freaking out about the costume change.

  • Poowalrus

    Actually, if it's the real cap, he needs to get frozen in ice. Then they can thaw him out in the future.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Yeah but this is before that. He did become an icon during the war first.

  • pete_w

    Actually it is a complete reboot if adapted into the main character as the character has repeatedly had only two primary costumes. In fact the base costume was revamped completely into the primary pattern BEFORE he received the round indestructible shield from Roosevelt as stated in Cap Vol 1 #119 amd again in #255.

    Cap costume NEVER included a helmet and always wore the A letter. Even in Ed Brubaker retcons did NOT make this level of changes though was applicable in the leather armor motif and kept the base pattern. This is just AWFUL.

    • Rdmgwynn

      Oh come on, it looks cool. Stop splitting hairs over his uniform.

    • Rdmgwynn

      Oh come on, it looks cool. Stop splitting hairs over his uniform.

  • pete_w

    No it looks AWFUL. It is WORSE than Ultimate Cap’s WW2 uniform which also has the GI issue helmet.

    But at least Ultimate Cap’s WW2 look kept the base motif blue bodysuit and red accessories supposedly with a more “real world” adaptation. This reminds me of the Ben Reilly Spiderman suit with its side elongated pattern in its so-called attempt to be different.

    If the character is meant to be different then MAKE A DIFFERENT character. That was one of the reasons that the Reilly reinterpretation of Spiderman did NOT work it was NOT different enough to stand on its own. Same with Thor 2 later redone itself into Thunderstrike. A lot of potential but too late to gather appreciation in and of itself after the long bungling. The only one that was successful was Iron Man 2 who became War Machine.

    I hate it when writers feel that they can redo a character that has succeeded for DECADES by changing large parts of the character’s recognizable attributes in this case the loud specific NON WW2 era libery motif costume, the NON lethal corny speech making non military supporting character that was born in war. This is basically Timely Era Cap brought forth to present day and ignoring all of the 1964 to 2000 character development.

    When the writers only reinterpreting a known character such as in the Ultimate line they STILL remain TRUE to the BASIS of the original character in both structure AND APPEARANCE.

    Most of us LONG time printed page fans do NOT want or need yet ANOTHER reboot to the MAIN characters, Heck some of us STILL remember that mess of “Heroes Reborn”!!

    Make this another reality NOT a reinsertion like the AWFUL Cap reborn mini-series where he is shown with the movie costume as part of now mainstream reality and a return to the Timely Comic machine gun using killer